Our Jewelry Collection is Limited edition! Our Jewelry do not tarnish or rust.


If you have other burning questions we weren’t able to address here, feel free to email.


We offer the following shipping methods in our store:

  1. Local Orders:

    • ELTA COURIER: 3€ for shipment, 2€ additional for payment on delivery. If you choose to pay with card, Paypal, GPay, Bank Transfer or Apple pay there would be no charge for payment on delivery (2€)
    • BOX NOW: 1€ for delivery. This method does not support payment on delivery. Livly selects the closest BOX NOW from your home address.
  2. International Orders (Europe):

    • ELTA Hellenic Post Office: 16€ for shipment. Bank transfer and payment on delivery is not available for International Orders.

We do ship internationally to Europe! Your shipment will be sent out with a tracking number, ensuring you can monitor its journey until it reaches your door. To facilitate a smooth delivery, please ensure you have a valid government document such as an ID, passport, or driving license for verification purposes.

If you have any questions or require further assistance, feel free to contact us. We look forward to delivering your order to you!

For local orders, delivery times may vary based on the destination. Typically, it can take 1-2 business days for most locations. However, if the destination is hard to reach, the delivery may take 3-4 business days.

For international orders, we estimate a delivery time of 1-2 weeks. It's worth noting that in some cases, the delivery may take even less than a week, depending on our current workload.

If you prefer to personally collect your package, kindly notify us in advance so we can make the necessary arrangements with the courier. Please note that the estimated delivery times mentioned earlier apply in this case as well.

For local orders, the delivery times range from 1-2 business days for most destinations and may take 3-4 business days for harder-to-reach locations.

For international orders, our estimated delivery time is 1-2 weeks, and in some instances, it may be even less than a week, depending on our current workload.

Your proactive communication allows us to ensure a smooth collection process. When collecting your package, please ensure you have a valid ID with you.


We accept the following payment methods for local orders:

Local Orders: We accept the following payment methods for local orders:

  • Bank transfer
  • Card payments such as Visa, MasterCard, and Maestro
  • PayPal
  • Google Pay
  • Apple Pay
  • Pay on delivery

International Orders: For international orders, we accept the following payment methods:

  • Card payments such as Visa, MasterCard, and Maestro
  • PayPal
  • Google Pay
  • Apple Pay

Local Orders: For local orders, we will provide you with the tracking number of your package. You can track your package through the official website of ELTA Courier or BOX NOW, using the provided tracking number.

International Orders: For international orders, you can track your package on the official website of ELTA Hellenic Post Office. Additionally, you can use the same tracking number on the official website of the post office in your country for further tracking details.

Orders & Returns

To place an order, simply click 'Add to Cart' for the desired products you wish to purchase. Once you've added all your items, proceed to the checkout by clicking the 'Checkout' button. The checkout process is designed to be simple and easy, ensuring a smooth experience from product selection to completion.

If you wish to cancel your order or make changes, please send an email within 5 hours from the time you completed your order. This timeframe allows us to promptly manage your request. For cancellations or modifications after this period, kindly contact our customer support, and we'll do our best to assist you.

You do not need an account to complete your order. You can continue and finalize your order by providing all the necessary information during the checkout process. However, if you are a returning customer, you have the option to log in with your email and password that you created during your first purchase. This allows for a more streamlined experience.

  1. For local orders, if you wish to return a product, you may do so within 14 days from the day of shipment. Please ensure that the product is in its original condition and not damaged. Once we receive and inspect the returned item, we will proceed to refund your money to the bank account of your preference. It's important to note that delivery costs cannot be refunded.

If you prefer to exchange a product, please send an email, and the exchange will take place directly with the courier upon their arrival at your door. The same 14-day time frame applies for exchanges, ensuring flexibility for your convenience. Please be aware that there is a €5 additional cost for product exchanges, which must be paid to the courier.

2. For international orders, exchanging a product is not feasible due to the need for a new shipment. Therefore, we can only accept the return of the product. Upon receiving and inspecting the returned item, we will proceed to refund the cost of the product, excluding delivery costs. If you wish to replace the returned item, you are welcome to place a new order.

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