Our Jewelry Collection is Limited edition! Our Jewelry do not tarnish or rust.

Our Story

Once upon a time, in the enchanting world of Livly that began in 2016, there existed a story filled with dreams and unique pieces of clothing, accessories, and swimwear for women.

In the beginning, Livly opened its doors to offer style and sophistication through its collections of women’s clothing. With unique designs and quality materials, Livly became the favorite choice for women who wanted to showcase their elegance on every occasion.

However, the story of Livly didn’t stop there. One step further, it ventured into the sports equipment industry, providing style and comfort to women who wanted to lead an active life. From the gym to outdoor adventures, Livly’s collections empowered every woman to feel beautiful and confident in every move.

And then, the moment came for Livly to enter the realm of jewelry. With unique pieces exuding aesthetics and sparkle, Livly offered women the opportunity to express their personality in a distinctive way. From dazzling necklaces to intricate rings, Livly’s jewelry provided the final touch to every stylistic choice.

Thus, Livly became a reliable guide for women seeking uniqueness, style, and quality in their choices. With a journey full of passion and dedication, Livly continues to inspire and enhance the beauty of every woman with each new collection it presents.

And so, the story of Livly continues, with the promise to provide unique pieces and to continue radiating a sense of style, sophistication, and confidence to every woman who decides to explore the magical world of Livly.

Our Mission

"Our mission is to curate timeless elegance, offering meticulously crafted jewelry that transcends trends, symbolizing moments of joy and celebrating the unique beauty of every wearer."

Our Vision

"Our vision is to be the cherished destination for those seeking not just jewelry, but an exquisite experience that reflects individuality, fosters connections, and brings lasting joy into every customer's life."

Responsible and Sustainable Development

Happy Customer

"Bringing joy with every purchase — our goal is happy customers."

Fast Shipping

"Swift shipping for smiles at your doorstep — delivering happiness, pronto!"

Made With Love

"Crafted with love, ensuring each piece is as special as the one who wears it."

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